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Mrs. Joan Spencer-Ernandez – Chairman
Dr. Fritz Pinnock - Executive Director

Palisadoes Park, P.O. Box 8081, Kingston CSO, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 924-8159 / 924-8175
Fax: (876) 924-8150




General Overview

The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) is by name, content and operation, the Caribbean region’s centre of excellence for the training of professional seafarers and personnel in the shipping, logistics and supply chain management sectors.

The Institute was established in 1980 by the Government of Jamaica in collaboration with the Government of the Kingdom of Norway initially to train Jamaican seafarers.

Fully Jamaicanised in 1992 and renamed Jamaica Maritime Institute (JMI), in 1993 the organization became an autonomous body under the laws of Jamaica and within the Ministry of Public Utilities and Transport in accordance with the JMI Act of 1992.The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) and the Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) became legal partners of the Institute. 

By 2001, the need for giving the Institute its present international flavour, content, size and structure was demonstrated by changing its name from Jamaica Maritime Institute to Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI).  To be consistent with the name change, the CMI established satellites in other Caribbean countries for the dissemination and delivery of its land based programmes, having adapted its novel Blue Ocean Strategy.

With the installation of its new administration in July 2006 and the adoption of the blue ocean strategy, the Institute has henceforth been focusing on:

·         Satisfying the ever growing demand, locally and worldwide, for qualified seafarers,

·         Exploring the inescapable link between land, sea ,air and the multifaceted demand from these;

·         Seeking to expand beyond the maritime boundaries and cut across the multimodal transportation and logistics chain.

Against the backdrop of the above, the Institute has restructured/expanded and continues to expand its curricula to educate and train people to fit-into the three transport sub sectors of land, sea and air.

Course Offerings

The Institute offers courses in marine engineering and navigation. All syllabi for the professional seafarers programmes are in full accordance with the standards of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers 1995(STWC 1995). For quality purposes all examinations are invigilated by a team of IMO external examiners.

Since 1994, the Institute started offering land based programmes with the Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics (DISL) and the Associate Degree in Industrial Systems, Operations and Maintenance (1997).

In September 2007 the land based programmes were upgraded to five (5) Bachelors of Science Degree Programmes now being implemented namely,

1.      International Shipping Business

2.      Port Management

3.      Logistics and supply Chain Management

4.      Cruise Shipping and Tourism Management

5.      Industrial Systems, Operations and Maintenance

Company Vision, Policies and Objectives

The Caribbean Maritime Institute aims to produce industry ready leaders through “borderless strategic partnerships, research and application.” Her core values are Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Commitment, Creativity and Courage

Strategic Objectives of the CMI

·         To provide quality maritime education and related technical and vocational training.

·         To produce graduates of a high caliber in keeping with international requirements.

·         To provide professional marine consultancy services.

·         To serve as the regional maritime information data centre.

·         To foster and promote professionalism in the development of its staff.

·         To foster and enhance marine environmental awareness, response and planning in keeping with international conventions.

Mission Statement

To “provide solutions through the application of the knowledge, talents and skills of our TEAM in continuously redefining the boundaries of tertiary education and training through innovation”.


CMI has acquired new simulators through the assistance of a grant funding from the European Union as a part of a retooling and upgrading project. The simulators commissioned in September, 2003 area as follows:

·         GMDSS

·         Liquid Cargo Handling

·         Engine Room

·         Full Mission Navitrainer


The strategic policies of the Institute are informed and guided by a ten member Board of Directors. Board members are appointed by the responsible Ministry (Ministry of Transport and Works) in accordance to the relevant section of the revised Caribbean Maritime Institute Act 0f 2001.

The Board oversees the operation of the Institute through its sub-committees, which focus on matters such as academic direction and finance and corporate planning.

Each sub-committee is chaired by a Board member and comprises persons with relevant expertise co-opted from the industry.

The Institute has a Trust Fund Board which administers the JMI Trust primarily by awarding scholarships to deserving students.

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