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Mr. Joseph A. Matalon - Chairman
Mr. Fitzroy Williams - Chief Executive Officer

142 Barry Street,
Tel: (876) 922-6433
Fax: (876) 922-4539

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The Jamaica Railway Corporation was established under the Jamaica Railway Corporation Act . It is the corporate body that has power to purchase, take, hold and dispose of land and other property of whatever kind for the purposes of this Act. The Corporation may sue and be sued in its corporate name and may for all purposes be described by such name. The Corporation is to manage and operate railway (thereby transferred to it), and any expansion or extension of it, or any new railway.  Additionally the Corporation is to provide all reasonable facilities for carriage of passengers and goods.

Over the past three years plans have been moving ahead for the privatization of the JRC and the reintroduction of rail service in Jamaica. Negotiations have been taking place with an India based company that would have the responsibility of overseeing the successful re-start of the service.

The scheduled re-start of rail services had, however been delayed to allow the company, to have discussions with an overseas group, which had expressed an interest in participating in the joint venture.

Functions of The Corporation

  • To control the expenditure of the Corporation whether on revenue or capital account.
  • To conduct the affairs of the Corporation in such a way so as to ensure that the annual revenues of the Corporation are sufficient to meet all charges properly chargeable to revenue.
  • To direct and control any expansion or extension of the railway and the construction of any new railway.

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