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Karl James - Chairman
Lt. Col. Derek Robinson – Managing Director

12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston
Tel: (876) 967-5366/926-3650
Fax: (876) 967-5358



The Port Security Corps was incorporated in 1989 to safeguard all publicly owned ports and airports throughout Jamaica. A primary function of this Agency is to reduce the trade in illicit goods through air and seaports and to implement a program for restricted access to these sensitive areas. Over the years the services of the corps have been expanded to include the provision of security services to the major tourist resorts of Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Montego Bay, Government Residences, and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company.


    Just over 400 officers have been assigned to provide security at both International Airports. Their responsibilities include:

                      Pre-board screening

                     The provision of anti-harassment security services


PSC Officers provide security services (access control, static surveillance and foot patrols) for Port Bustamante, Gordon Cay and Montego Bay Cargo & Cruise Shipping Ports on a twenty-four hour basis.  


Officers assigned to the Kingston and Montego Bay Free Zones provide access control at    pedestrian gates,    do static and foot patrols, carry out mandatory and routine building checks and monitor the closed circuit camera system used for surveillance of the perimeter fence.


The Corps provides twenty-four hour security for all JUTC bus depots in Spanish Town and Portmore and on Ashenheim and Lyndhurst Roads, by maintaining access control and perimeter patrol.



The Resort Patrol Service (RPS) employs approximately 185 officers, recruited and trained as Special District Constables.  These officers are committed to combating the illegal drugs trade, ensuring that resort areas are clear of squatters, enforcing anti-litter statutes and monitoring water sports operations to ensure safety.

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