Contracts amounting to some $207M were signed at the Ministry of Transport and Works on Tuesday, January 27 to effect repairs to various gullies, roads and drainage systems in three parishes. 

Speaking at the Press Conference, Minister Mike Henry noted that the island suffered greatly under tropical storm Gustav. He explained however, that the government saw it fit to effect the necessary repairs to remedy the problems that arose consequent on the passage of the storm.

Also speaking on behalf of the contractors were MP for South East St. Ann, Ms. Lisa Hanna and MP for NE St. Ann, Mrs. Shahine Robinson. Both echoed sentiments thanking the Ministry of Transport and Works for the repairs that was being done to roads in their respective communities.

For his part, Mr. Glendon Watson of ALCAR Construction Ltd. spoke on behalf of the contractors. He said that the contractors were grateful for the consideration extended to them in doing work on behalf of the Ministry. He pledged that the contractors would be doing their best to validate the confidence placed in them.

In attendance at the Signing were, MP for SE St. Ann, Ms. Lisa Hanna; MP for NE. St. Ann, Mrs. Shahine Robinson; MP for Northern Clarendon, Mr. Laurie Broderick; MP for NE. St. Andrew, Mr. Delroy Chuck and MP for W. St. Andrew, Mr. Anthony Hylton. Members of staff from both the National Works Agency (NWA) and the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) were also in attendance.

Contracts were signed in respect of: 



Work Contractor Amount
A box culvert on Milford Rd; St. Ann A1 Constr. $18.8M
A box culvert in Exchange; St. Ann Solid Eng.Ltd.


Random Rubbel Wall- Kupius/Colonel’s Ridge Gabion& Struc.


Road rehabilitation- Orange Pk. Rd. Alcar Const.


Concrete Wall- New Haven/Bunyan Cresc. N.F Barnes Const.


Retaining Wall – Perkins Blvd/W. Blvd. Asphaltic Concrete Ent. $15.1M
Box Culvert – Grant’s Pen Road Paving & Aggregate Ltd. $12.4M