Several contracts related to MTW projects were signed at the Ministry of Transport and Works on April 23, 2009.

Among the contracts signed was one relating to the JAMWORLD Fishing Village in Portmore.  The contract is for work associated with the beach rehabilitation aspect of the Fishing Village .

The contract was awarded to M&M Jamaica Ltd in the amount of $72M. Construction of the FishingVillage is 80% complete; as soon as the beach rehabilitation works are complete, fisherfolk will be able to take up occupancy of the facility.

The construction of the Portmore leg of Highway 2000 necessitated the relocation of the Causeway Fisherfolk. The new facility consists of a vending block, storage cubicles for the fishermen, bathroom accommodations inclusive of septic tank, tile field.

Two contracts were also signed for work to two Gullies in the Corporate Area – Collie Smith Gully and Barnes Gully.

Work on Collie Smith Gully in Kingston will involve construction of a reinforced retaining wall and gully invert. This will run from Spanish Town Road to Marcus Garvey Drive .

This contract has been awarded to Incomparable Enterprise Ltd in the sum of approximately $68.9M.

Contract period is six months.

The other contract at Barnes Gully involves the construction of a random rubble wall and gully invert. This Gully runs along South Camp Road and has been awarded to Alpha Construction Ltd in the amount of $46M. Contract period on this gully is also six months.

The other contract signed involved the procurement of two Weigh Scales and two Axle Scale Trailers from Advanced Scales and Equipment Ltd. at a cost of US$103,130M.

The Scales will be of AX900, seven –foot by 32 aluminium, 50,000Kg capacity. The scales will also consist of two P20 Axle Weighting CPU. The two Axle Scale Trailers will be capable of loading and unloading portable scales including trailers, tilt, heavy duty axle, LED lights and electric brakes.

The portable weigh scales will form part of a broad national effort to restrict the overloading of motor trucks on the island’s road network

 Speaking at the contract signing, State Minister Mr. Joseph Hibbert noted that collectively, the contracts signed are expected to significantly advance aspects of the country’s public facilities and infrastructure.

“We are happy to be able to formally get these projects under way, and we look forward to the successful execution of the works involved,” he said.

Also speaking at the ceremony, were Ivan Anderson, CEO of the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC) under whose auspicies the building of the  fishing village falls and Mr. Ronnie Thwaites, MP for Central Kingston , where one of the contract signed is for Barnes Gully, is in his constituency.