In an effort to minimize and militate against the extensive damage caused to the Island’s road network and bridges by overloaded trucks, the Ministry of Transport and Works has procured and received two of the six vehicle weight scales that were ordered earlier this year. 
In March of this year, the contract was signed in the sum of US$506,680 for the supply and installation of the scales, and the remaining four are scheduled to be delivered shortly. The two scales delivered thus far are portable, while the others are stationary, and will be utilized in the following locations:

  1. In the vicinity of Ferry Police Station in St. Catherine
  2. At Harbour View in St. Andrew
  3. At Coral Spring in Trelawny
  4. At Agualta Vale in St. Mary.

The supply and instillation of the scales have been financed through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) under Segment 2A of the Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Programme. Under the initiative, the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) is the executing entity for the programme on behalf of the Ministry.

Speaking at the Stakeholder Meeting regarding the Weigh Scale policy, Minister Henry said two portable weigh scale teams (consisting of Officers from the ITA) will be deployed to ensure that the initiative impacts other major road sections island wide. He reiterated the need for the road network to be protected and maintained as several other projects to rehabilitate and improve road conditions are currently underway.

“The excess weight on the trucks being targeted has been doing untold damage to many of the roads and bridges which were not constructed to hold up the constant grind of these large vehicles. It is envisioned that the placement of scales at these strategic locations will, in addition to averting the overloading of trucks, help to reduce the cost to maintain the integrity of the road infrastructure in general”