As of midnight on Saturday November 7, 2009, new traffic arrangements took effect in the tourist capital ofMontego Bay, St. James.

The changes embrace, among other things, the reversal of traffic movement on some corridors and an extension of the one way system on some roadways.

The following changes have been implemented:

  1. One way system along James Street extended to its intersection with Barnett Street.  
  2. One way along Barnett Street extended to its intersection of Howard Cooke Blvd.
  3. Lower Market Street and Strand Street have become one way heading in the direction of Creek Street.
  4. Church Street, one way from Harbour Street to Dome Street.
  5. Union Street one way from Dome Street to Harbour Street.
  6. Orange Street one way from Church Street to North Street.
  7. King Street, between Union Street and Market Street one way.
  8. Love Lane, one way from the intersection of Orange Street to King Street – a reversal of the previous traffic movement.
  9. McCatty Street and Hart Street traffic is now flowing in a one way direction from the intersection of Cottage Road and McCatty Street to the intersection of Hart Street and Creek Street.
  10. Church Lane is now one way from St. James Street to Harbour Street.

The new traffic management plan has been financed through the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), and follows submissions from all stakeholders. The National Works Agency (NWA) had developed two alternatives to reduce the levels of congestion on the streets of Montego Bay. Both plans were presented to residents for their comments in meetings held in Montego Bay.

Twenty-two intersections have been signalized as part of the plan. The plan has a second phase, which will see a Traffic Management Centre being established and housed at the Church Street Police Station, in order to provide real time information on the traffic situation in the town. The monitoring will be done through the use of close circuit television cameras that have been positioned at strategic points around the city.

Persons wishing to access more information may call toll free: 1-888-429-5692.