In an effort to improve its image and the services it offers, the Island Traffic Authority under the leadership of its Director, Paul Clemetson, held a successful seminar/workshop at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort Hotel from December 10-13, 2009.

Under the theme, “New Paradigm in Vehicle Weight Enforcement & Service”, the seminar benefited from presentations from several experts in their particular field. At the opening on Thursday, December 10, Minister Mike Henry gave the keynote address. He used the opportunity to congratulate the ITA on the efforts they were making at improving the services offered at the entity. He lauded the efforts that were being made in this regard. He highlighted the Vehicle Weight Enforcement Programme as one of the initiatives of the ITA that he was very proud of, saying that the programme would result in extended life of the nation’s roadways. Minister Henry also spoke to the overhauling of the Road Traffic Act as another project that he and the Ministry by extension was fully in support of. He noted that several anomalies in the testing of vehicles and the attendant issues surrounding them were inadequately addressed under the current legislation. Against this background, he said, the final legislation was being eagerly anticipated.

Among the various other presenters over the three days and a half were, Mr. Clive McDonald, Chief Inspector at the ITA who spoke on ‘Testing and Certification of the Deaf’; Ms. Christine Brown, Training Officer at Courts Jamaica Ltd, who dealt with ‘Customer Service’; Mr. Hank Williams from the Ministry of Health who spoke to “Road Traffic Injuries: Social & Economic Impact”; Mr. Paul Clemetson, Director of the ITA who dealt with “Queue Management”; Ms. Joan Wynter, Senior Policy Officer in the Ministry of Transport and Works who presented on “ the revised Road Traffic Act and Regulations”; Mrs. Barbara Cadogan SDHRMA in the Ministry of Transport and Works who addressed the gathering on ‘Performance Evaluations’;  Supt. Gladstone Grant & Mr. Kadian Smith from the Organised Crime Division who spoke on “ Stolen Motor Vehicle: Organised Crime” as well as “Identifying Vehicle Identity Fraud”. Other presenters were: Mr. Kenute Hare, Director of the Road Safety Unit speaking on “Accident Reconstruction”; Ms. Joan Wynter who dealt with, “Dead Vehicle Certification”; Mr. Melton Gordon and Mr Hyrie Smith of the ITA, both of whom presented on “Testing for Commercial Drivers’ Licence”; Mr. Rae Parchment, Senior Engineer, NWA whose area of focus was, “Effects of Overweight Vehicles on Road Pavement”; Mr. Raoul Williams who addressed the seminar on, “ Vehicle Weight Enforcement”; Mr. Keith Glaves who spoke on “ “Testing for PPV Drivers’ Licenses” and Mr. Kenute Hare dealing with “Information Technology in Crash Investigation”.

At the seminar four retired members of the ITA were recognised for their years of service to the organisation. The four were, Mr. John Bardowell, Mr. Ernie Passley, Mr. Paul Petrekin and Mr. Raymond Knowles who was unavoidably absent from the function.

The Seminar/Workshop was made possible with the kind sponsorship and support of Jamaica National Ltd, AMECO, Insurance Association of Jamaica, New Era Homes Ltd; McKoy’s Auto Imports, Honda and Jamaica Public Service Company. 
At the Opening Ceremony on December 10, greetings were brought by Dr. Janine Dawkins, Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of Transport and Works; Mr. Patrick Wong, CEO of the NWA; Mr. Orville Johnson; Executive Director of the Insurance Association of Jamaica; Mr. Emile Spence, Managing Director of Jamaica Automobile Association. ITA Director, Paul Clemetson gave the welcome and opening remarks and used the opportunity to ‘marshal’ his troops in making the ITA a potent institution on the Jamaican landscape. He said he was very pleased about the strides the organisation had made and called on all the stakeholders to continue lending their support to the betterment of the organisation.

Pastor Michael Harvey gave spiritual reflections at the function.