The Waterloo Bridge Road Improvement Project was opened on Saturday, may 15, 2010 by Transport and Works Minister Mike Henry and CEO of the National Works Agency, Patrick Wong.

The work was done in two phases; phase one centred around the construction of two lanes of traffic across theWaterloo Bridge. During that phase of the Project, the NWA erected traffic signals at the intersection of Upper Waterloo Road and Church Road. Phase 2 of the Project included excavation, steel and concrete works, additional launching of girders, installation of guard rails and the construction of approach roads.

Quite apart from the additional two lanes, the road now boasts newly installed traffic lights and markings to aid road users.

The new four lane bridge was constructed at a cost of US$1.9M, but the overall cost of the Project (inclusive of roads and bridges) was US$5.5M.

The Waterloo Bridge is one of eleven constructed under Phase Two of the GOJ/R.A Murray Priority Bridge Programme.

Two other bridges under the programme were also completed and opened during May. These were the FairfieldBridge in St. James which was opened on May 14 and the Queen’s River Bridge in Green Island, Hanover, also opened on Friday, May 14.