Jamaica’s recent hosting of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) 3rd Annual International Conference for Air Service Negotiations (ICAN) in Montego Bay is set to bring positive rewards to the air transportation sector, and to the country in general. Transport and Works Minister, the Hon. Mike Henry, speaking at the cultural reception of the delegates at the conference, said that Jamaica is ready to sign new deals with other countries, which will bring more flights to the island.

“Jamaica’s extremely favourable position geographically, in respect of the Equator and the east-west and north-south distribution of airline services worldwide, offers us an opportunity to make bold advances to the really great potential out there for this small country.” Mr. Henry noted that the improvements carried out at the two international airports have facilitated the accommodation of up to 10 million more travellers.

“The official 2030 Vision for Jamaica’s air transport sector is to have a thriving industry with Jamaica as an alternative to Miami International as a Regional Hub for cargo and passenger traffic.” The conference was used to boost Jamaica’s open skies policy while expanding the aeronautical industry despite the contemporary global aviation challenges. Jamaica has since signed 15 air services agreement with member states.