It was truly an unprecedented move. Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon. Mike Henry, encouraged parliamentarians to utilized the services offered by the Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC). In his Sectoral Presentation to Parliament, Minister Henry outlined the importance of access to efficient and affordable public transportation to the productive and social base of the country, and called on Members of Parliament to assist in the continued efficiency of the JUTC.

“I wish to invite the members of this Honourable House to consider giving a helping hand by using the JUTC bus service from time to time to get a feel of the improved services being offered, and help channel the general public towards the improved standards at their disposal. I have been riding on the JUTC buses periodically for quite some time now, totally unannounced each time, and I recommend that you all seek to at least give it a try”

In solidifying the request, Minister Henry declared that each Member of the House would be receiving their personalized SmartCard from the JUTC.