The Bog Walk Bridge in St. Catherine has been officially opened by Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon. Mike Henry. The bridge was constructed as part of the R.A. Murray Bridge Rehabilitation Programme and was completed at a cost of approximately JA$220 million.  The new structure, which was completed in June of this year, replaced a temporary Bailey bridge which had served the many surrounding communities following the collapse of the old bridge some years ago. At the official opening ceremony, Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon. Mike Henry, urged the citizens to play a key role in ensuring the long life of the structure. “The destruction of the old bridge brought severe hurdles and challenges to commercial activity in the town of Bog Walk; as a result, several communities were marooned. But today is a fulfillment of a commitment that was made to ensure that the structure that would be erected was of the highest quality to withstand any impending disaster. Despite the many challenges and hurdles that were faced during the construction phase, I am happy to report that the programme was done within budget and to the specifications of a first world structure. Again, I am imploring the residents to refrain from dumping garbage in the river as this practice, over time, contributes to erosion and the collapse of bridges across the island.”