The newly rehabilitated Bogue Road in Montego Bay was opened by a team headed by Transport and Works Minister Hon. Mike Henry on January 19, 2011.

The Bogue Road rehabilitation forms part of the Segment 1A of the North Coast Highway Improvement Project and addresses the traffic problems experienced on the thoroughfare especially by people travelling from Reading. This has had a deleterious effect on the productivity of Montego Bay and its environs. Work on the corridor included widening of the two existing lanes to four as well as improved draining.

Work on the Project began approximately 300 metres west of the Reading intersection and extends easterly to the Fairfieldintersection. Scope of works also included the re-construction of 1.5 kilometres of roadway perpendicular to the Segment 1A of the highway, from West Green Roundabout, along the Fairfield Main Road and extending to the Granville intersection. The Project was also responsible for the rehabilitation of six bridges which were constructed under Segment 1 of the NCHIP which runs from Negril in Westmoreland to Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Mike Henry noted that the opening marked the continued commitment of the Government of Jamaica to improving important corridors across Jamaica

Continuing, the Minister said, “…I am confident that this newly rehabilitated roadway will radically improve traffic flow, travel time, reduce operating costs and improve the comfort of movement for all who use it now, in the immediate future and for many years to come.”

The original cost of the project was approximately $1.4B, however an additional $697M was allotted to deal with challenges having to do with increase in the project scope of works as well as fluctuations due to the price adjustments in labour, fuel, cement and other materials.

One of the interesting features of the project is the installation of new street lights - all of which are light emitting diodes (LED) which use about 10% of the normal bulbs. The Minister said that while the initial cost is higher than that of regular bulbs, overtime it will mean less in terms of the cost of electricity.

Segment 1A is a part of the Greater Montego Bay Traffic Management Plan. This involves the recently completed Rose Hall Development (Segment 2A of the NCHIP) and the new Traffic Management system which has been partially implemented in downtown Montego Bay.

Others at the function included, NWA’s head, Mr. Patrick Wong, MP for the area, Mr. Clive Mullings, Minister of Tourism, Ed Bartlett as well as Mayor of Montego Bay, Charles Sinclair.