New Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency paid a courtesy call on Minister Mike Henry on Wednesday, June 22.

In welcoming the new Ambassador, Minister Henry noted the investment thrust that was being made by the Chinese in Jamaica in recent times. The Minister said that he was looking forward to discussing developmental plans and to building trade links between both countries. He expressed the hope that eventually air routes will be opened between Jamaica and China to the point where there will be direct flights between Jamaica and China. The Minister took note of the fact that China was the second richest country in the world and hoped that Jamaica would place itself in a position to take advantage of even more investment opportunities coming out of this Asian giant.

And for his part, the Chinese Ambassador expressed his pleasure at being posted in Jamaica, taking time to make the point that this was his first time anywhere in the Caribbean. He highlighted the fact that he would like to see more bi-lateral co-operation between both countries as there were many persons living in China who would like to visit Jamaica. In this context, he said he would do everything within his power to facilitate the opening up of the air route.

The Chinese are currently responsible for the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme.