The Ministry of Transport and Works was ably represented at the International Trade Expo held at the Pegasus Hotel from Sunday, October 9 – Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Four Agencies, namely, the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ), Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ), the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) and the Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC) joined the MTW to put the Ministry on display at the EXPO.

With very little time, the team was able to put together a first rate booth which saw many persons trekking through to look at the model train, the model aeroplane, the model ship, material on the Vernamfield Project as long as brochures and pamphlets from the various Agencies. The team which consisted of Mrs. Beverley Williamson, Ms. Kimberley Stiff, Mr. Edmond Marsh, Shauna-Kay Stewart, Ms. Tamika Brown and Mrs. Juliet Rose worked tirelessly in the conceptualizing and execution of the booth design and construction.

Speaking at the second day of the Expo, Minister Mike Henry focused on the national investment climate in Jamaica. He noted that with investment and trade running virtually parallel on the global stage, a country could only engage in international trade to the extent of its earnings from the economic activities that are generated by the overall investments and earning among its people and the foreign investments it was able to attract.

In highlighting his role in attracting some of these investments, Minister Henry said, “In terms of such foreign investments in Jamaica, I have, for example been associated with the development of the new Falmouth Cruise Pier in Trelawny, which was opened earlier this year.” He also spoke to the role other Projects such as the Palisadoes Shoreline Protection and Rehabilitation Programme; the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) and the Vernamfield Project had on the country’s investment profile.

Continuing, Minister Henry said, “It should be recognized that Jamaica offers a very good climate for foreign direct investments. We may have our financial challenges like all other countries, but our record of honouring our obligations is firmly intact. And to bolster our record, we have been making very good use of the foreign investments in this country, certainly in the transport and works portfolio areas.”

The MTW Booth was recognized with a special award from the organisers; the organizing team consisting of Mrs. Yvonne Sweeney, Mrs. Juliet Rose and Ms. Tamika Brown collected the award on behalf of the Ministry.

The Consular Corps of Jamaica first created and launched the International Trade Expo in 2002. The Programme was adopted by the World Federation of Consuls and was organized in several countries worldwide.The main objectives of the annual International Trade Expo are to develop international co-operation through trade and to assist in re-establishing Kingston as another tourism destination. The event provided an opportunity for members of the Consular Corps of Jamaica to promote trade between the States they represent and Jamaica.