Former Director of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA), Paul Clemetson retired from that position and the government service on July 9, 2012.

At a retirement ceremony held in his honour on Monday, July 9 at the Terra Nova Hotel, many glowing tributes were paid to Mr. Clemetson who served the ITA for a combined period of fifteen years, the last three as Director. He however served the government service for a combined period of thirty years.

Describing him as the consummate professional, Mrs. Audrey Sewell, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing said that Mr. Clemetson had done a marvellous job in his capacity as Director of the ITA. She noted that in her early sojourn at the Ministry and especially when she was in meetings where Mr. Clemetson was present, she would always be re-assured by Mr. Clemetson’s quiet nod of his head in approval of something she may have said. She also paid tribute to the role his wife must have played in supporting him, highlighting the fact that she had every right to be proud of him in much the same way that the ITA and the wider Ministry felt about him.

For her part, Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Administration, Mrs. Barbara Cadogan chronicled Mr. Clemetson’s history with the Ministry, making mention of the fact that he was instrumental in many pioneering efforts at the ITA. Some of these she named as the Vehicle Weight Management Programme, introduction of various types of technology at the ITA as well as institutional strengthening of the Authority.

Chief Inspector at the ITA, Mr. Clive McDonald paid tribute on behalf of the other employees at the Authority. He painted a picture of a man who was firm yet gentle, traditional, yet contemporary and one who led from the front. He said that the entire ITA would be poorer for the departure of Mr. Clemetson.

Also paying tribute was Mrs. Paula Fletcher, Executive Director of the National Road Safety Council who described various collaborations between her organization and the ITA as well as when Mr. Clemetson was Director of the Road Safety Unit. She described him as a visionary who did a fantastic job in running the Authority and before that the Road Safety Unit. She said she hoped that notwithstanding his retirement, his expertise in road safety and traffic management would not be lost to the various stakeholders.

Others paying tributes included Dr. Janine Dawkins, Chief Technical Director, Mr. Conrad Ainsworth, Acting Director of the ITA, Mrs. Susan Gongasingh who wowed the audience with her mellifluous singing as well as several other members of the ITA.