For some time now, persons residing in and around the town of Old Harbour and wishing to travel on the Toll Road in the direction of May Pen and Mandeville have had to travel to the Spanish Town interchange to do so. Following meetings with various stakeholders, a solution has been found to the problem as on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC)/Trans Jamaica Highway and the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing joined in the opening of the West Bound On Ramp at the Old Harbour Interchange of Highway 2000.

The Ramp which was already a feature of the Highway has been upgraded and made suitable to provide easier access to surrounding communities such as Old Harbour Bay, Bushy Park, Gutters etc in terms of using the Toll Road. With the opening of this ramp, travel time will now be decreased less gas used, wear and tear on vehicles minimized for persons utilizing the corridor. Access to products and service givers such as schools, hospitals, markets etc. in the vicinity would also be enhanced.

On an allied matter, the Minister viewed Solar Lights which have been installed on the Ramp. These solar lights are expected to significantly cut down the cost of electricity as they come on automatically when it gets dark. Solar Panels have a life span of 25 years and they resulted in a significant capital outlay of just under $US1M inclusive of battery and panels.


These lights are on the new ramp as well as all the interchanges of the other legs of Highway 2000.

Minister Davies (2nd from left), speaking to the Press at the Opening. With him from l-r are: Mrs. Audrey Sewell, Permanent Secretary; Mr. Jean Francois Doreau, Managing Director, Trans-Jamaican Highway and Mr. Ivan Anderson, Managing Director, NROCC.