After many years in the public service, Director of Projects, Dorothea Clarke retired from the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

At a warm and intimate ceremony in the Main Conference Room of the Ministry on Tuesday, June 18, a number of persons came out to wish Dorothea fond farewell.

Tribute after tribute spoke to the dedication and energy with which Dorothea approached her work. Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell highlighted Dorothea’s passion for various projects, singling out the Vernamfield Project as one to which she was especially attached. She mentioned the many occasions on which she would call, visit or write just to make sure that plans for the Project proceeded smoothly.

For her part, Chief Technical Director Janine Dawkins said she was happy to have been a part of the staff on which Dorothea served. She said that Dorothea had managed to integrate into the MTWH family and left her indelible mark on it.

And Mrs. Yvonne Barnett –Russell who chaired the function spoke of Dorothea’s always seeming cheerful disposition. She noted that she always made valuable contributions to meetings and or fora where work discussions were held.

The function featured a poem read by PR Officer Leo McEwan; prayer by Mr. Locksley Smith and musical selections from Fusion. Several other persons paid tribute to Dorothea and wished her well on this new phase of her life. Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Administration Mrs. Barbara Cadogan made a presentation to her.