Seven persons from the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing were recognised for over twenty-five years of service to the Public Service at a ceremony at King’s House on November 19, 2014.

Those recognised were:

  • Joy Bailey
  • Mitzie Bancroft
  • Claudette Byfield
  • Winston Farquharson
  • Orvil Fraser
  • Melton Gardner and
  • Everton Jones

In commenting on the stewardship of the staff members, Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell lauded them for their years of service to the Public Sector.


“We are grateful for your unstinting devotion to duty, your unwavering commitment to the public service cause and your deep sense of patriotism that continue to characterise your tenure in the service. The Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing and by extension the wider public service have been gracious beneficiaries of your legacy; for this we say well done,” the Permanent Secretary said.

The Long Service Award ceremony was part of the Civil Service Week which was observed between November 16 and 22 under the theme "Public Sector Advancement through Partnership and Collaboration".