Some 70 residents of the Seaview Gardens community were presented with Certificate of Titles to their own homes at a ceremony at the Christ the Redeemer Human Resource Centre on February 26, 2014.

Seaview Gardens Phase 1 was completed in the late 1970’s while infrastructure works on Phase 2 were concluded in the early 1980’S. In addition to the serviced lots, sewage treatment facilities and recreational areas were put in place. Lots were also allocated for the construction of schools, churches and other recreational facilities.

The titling process in Seaview Gardens has experienced challenges over the years, particularly as a result of extended negotiations for the acquisition of the land by the Ministry as well as difficulties in ascertaining the legitimate occupants of the lots. Most of such issues have now been fully addressed with the majority of residents now being eligible for the receipt of titles.

Speaking at the Titling Ceremony, Minister with responsibility for housing, Hon. Dr. Morais Guy said that the time had come for persons to be given their titles to their own houses. He said that the Government had taken the policy decision that as part of its contribution to growth and development in instances where small amounts of money remain to be paid on dwellings that these amounts would be written off and the titles handed over. The Minister also used the occasion to encourage the MP and the Councillors for the area to advise constituents who have outstanding titles to visit the Ministry to obtain same. He told those present that possession of the titles would empower them ‘to be first class citizens’ in their own country.

Also speaking at the ceremony was MP for the area, Hon. Noel Hylton who highlighted the fact that the handing out of the titles was ‘the final leg of a long journey’. He noted that there were over 300 left to be distributed and expressed the hope they would soon get to the owners. He said that the titles would promote stability among the residents and that stable residents would lead to stable communities and ultimately a stable society.

Others participating in the ceremony included, Mrs. Audrey Sewell, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing who chaired the function; Mrs. Coreen Dennis, President of the Seaview Gardens Community Development Committee; Mrs. Marcia Dixon, President of the Seaview Gardens Citizens Association; Mrs Hazel Anderson, Councillor, Seaview Gardens Division; Mr. Adrian Watson, Seaview Gardens Youth Council; the Seaview Gardens Primary School and the Christ Redeemer Human Resource Centre which provided cultural items.