A 950metre stretch of rehabilitated road leading to the Caribbean Maritime Institute was re-opened on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

The road which was rehabilitated at a cost of $15M was re-opened by State Minister, Hon. Richard Azan, Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell, CMI Executive Director Fritz Pinnock, Managing Director of the Road Maintenance Fund, Clement Watson and Councillor for the Port Royal Division of the KSAC, Lorraine Dobson.

Speaking at the re-opening ceremony, Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell chronicled the Ministry’s involvement in the effort highlighting the fact that this was an indication of the high esteem in which the Institute was held. She noted that the initiative to fix the road was a collaborative one which was a demonstration of what can happen when private and public interests combine their efforts.

State Minister Richard Azan in giving the keynote address appealed to motorists and other users of the stretch of road to use it with care. He said that he was happy to have spearheaded the partnership with the CMI to have the road rehabilitated. In speaking to the safety concerns on the road, he lauded the initiative of placing speed bumps along the roadway, noting that other entities such as the Road Maintenance Fund and the KSAC represented by the Councillor could also contribute to other aspects to make the road even safer.


CMI Executive Director Fritz Pinnock was very thankful for the road and said he was grateful for the part played by all the stakeholders. Meanwhile, Deputy Managing Director at the JUTC, Mr Kirk Finnikin said they too were happy to have supported the road rehabilitation. He spoke to an initiative by the JUTC where a pilot by the Company has resulted in increased early arrivals at the Institute.