Under the initiative, children who attended the fair received back-to-school supplies (exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, water bottles) as well as invaluable information as they prepared for the start of the new school year. The Unit utilized this fair to educate the children and parents about road safety and the Children Against Reckless Driving (C.A.R.D.) campaign, which will better prepare them for back-to-school and for a lifetime.

The CARD Campaign is one of the Unit’s most far reaching outreach activities and was borne out of its intensified School visit programme, geared towards empowering children across Jamaica to become better road users, and also to emulate positive road etiquette.

The CARD campaign in partnership with Total Jamaica, saw children ages 6-12 creating and designing cards depicting who their ‘road model’ was and why. To aid the children in the making of the cards, the children were provided with materials and resources and were given short, lively lessons on proper road safety techniques.


Speaking on the Unit’s participation in the Fair, Education Information Officer at the RSU, Cameal Stewart said, “this is the third time the RSU has had the opportunity to provide children and guardians with information on road safety at the school fair. The initiative seeks to captivate the interest of youngsters while encouraging them to be responsible road users.”

Ms Stewart noted that the Road Safety Unit will continue to use the annual school fair as a catalyst of change in the traffic environment. Since January, 8 children have died as a result of road crashes, when compared to the same period in 2014 which recorded 13 child fatalities. This is of grave concern for the Ministry/Unit, and this is why we have used the opportunity to re-introduce the CARD programme here at the FLOW Skool Aid to use the children as a conduit to make a change in the traffic environment.”

First, second, third place winners as well as sectional prize winners were selected from the age groups 6-9 and 10-12. This year saw mostly boys copping major prizes - Ashamaro Carter, Arnaldo Carter and Jonathan Hutchinson were winners in the 6-9 age group while Ray Dixon Junior, Mario Johnson and Dorian Edwards came out on top in the 10-12 years old category. Most aware (knowledge of road safety) and creativity were awarded to Armyah Dixon, Shanniel Parker, Kyle Newman and Javier Royal.

All awardees were presented with gift baskets and school supplies from sponsors. The competition was made possible with the sponsorship and partnership of TOTAL Jamaica Ltd; Grace Kennedy Limited, World Brands Services, Fontana Pharmacy, Continental Baking Company and Petcom Braeton.