Image courtesy of The Observer

As road fatalities continue to hurdle out of control, the Ministry of Transport and Mining will launch ‘Operation Zero Tolerance’ beginning Saturday May 7. This will be a joint operation between the Island Traffic Authority and the Police.


Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry, Vando Palmer, says the blitz will be six days per week and will last for three months in the first instance.

According to Mr. Palmer, Transport and Mining Minister, Mike Henry, is very concerned about the number of fatal crashes on the Jamaican roads and the rate at which the country is losing a large trunk of its human resource. Against this background the Minister has given instructions for that no effort must be speared to arrest the situation.


Mr. Palmer says this time around the Police and Island Traffic Authority, will be on the roads island-wide conducting a series of around the clock spot checks. They will be targeting defective vehicles, those with illegal lighting including flashing blue lights and those that are heavily tinted among other breaches of the Road Traffic Act. No breach of the Road Traffic Act will be overlooked and no ‘Blighs’ will be given to offenders as the authorities will be relentless in their pursuit of good order.


He says the rights of motorists will be observed and the police and Island Traffic Authority personnel will at all times be very respectful in conducting the operations both day and night.

One hundred and thirty six persons have been killed in one hundred and seventeen fatal crashes in 124 days since the start of the year