Despite a ten (10) percent decline in fatal crashes and a 2 percent drop in fatalities so far this year, the number of persons killed on the Jamaican roads has hit the 200 mark.

This, in the first 194 days of the year from 177 fatal crashes, compared to the similar period last year when 205 persons were killed.


According to the Director Public Relations and Communication in the Ministry Of Transport and Mining, Vando Palmer, 86% of the fatalities are men between the ages 20 to 29 years. 


He says while the current figures are encouraging in contrast to what obtained last year and even in May of this year when the fatality rate was rollicking out of control, the number of lives being lost on the roads is still too high. Mr. Palmer says the statistics indicate that any intervention outside of rigorous enforcement must focus on young males 20 to 29 years old. This age cohort is the most vulnerable road user. They fail to overtake properly, speed recklessly, and display poor judgment in maneuvering and controlling their vehicles.


According to Mr. Palmer, the Island Traffic Authority will be turning the spotlight on the licensing procedure, to ensure that those who are given the privilege to be grated a driver’s licenses are fit and proper persons to do so.