The Minister of Transport and Mining, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, is this afternoon setting the record straight on the application for new toll rates from the operators of the North South Highway.


Minister Henry says the application for new rates is in keeping with the provisions of the Concession Agreement that was signed between the operators and the then government. He says while the proposed published rates are indicative of the maximum that can be charged at this time, they do not represent the final rates.


The Transport Minister says motorists will not be faced with an increase in toll rates come September 3. According to Minister Henry, there are unresolved issues relating the operations of the toll road. In this regard, he is continuing to have dialogue with the developers, as he seeks a joint approach to resolve the issues. He says until the issues are amicably resolved he will not approve an increase in the toll rates. 


Motorists have been given until Tuesday August 30 to respond to the proposed rates that were published on Thursday. Minister Henry is encouraging them to seize the opportunity to do so.