The Minister of Transport and Mining, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, has come to terms with the basic agreement for new toll rates on the North South Highway. The new rates are to become effective September 12, 2016.


Minister Henry says, arising from on-going discussions with the Operators of the Toll Road, they have agreed to forego the increase in rates to which they are entitled at this time.


According to Minister Henry, he is satisfied that the issues he raised previously are being addressed. He says the operators of the Toll Road, will remove the discount that currently obtains, and implement the rates that were published at the opening of the road in March.


Under the Concession Agreement the Toll Operators are entitled to increased rates in September 2016. However, Minister Henry was able to negotiate a better rate for motorists using that corridor.


Jamaica North South High Way published the new rates on Wednesday. However, they were not in keeping with the agreement reached with the minister. In this regard, the new rates are to be re-published and they will supersede the rates published on Wednesday by Jamaica North South High Way