Ground was broken for the construction of a new ITA Examination Depot in May Pen Clarendon on Friday, February 3, 2017.

The facility will replace the dilapidated structure which now houses the Depot and will be built at a cost of $14,994,050.00. The construction period is estimated to last for four months. When completed, it will serve as an Office to provide services such as Fitness Certificates, Fitness Reports, Examinations for Drivers’ Licences among others. Allied to its construction, will be the erection Sewage Tertiary Treatment Plant and an overall upgrade of the property.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Transport Minister Mike Henry said that the construction of the May Pen Office is expected to be the start of an overall thrust to rehabilitate and enhance the appearance and functionality of depots island wide. 

“This ties in with the recent launch of the Vehicle Management System, the pilot of which was launched at the Swallowfield Depot recently. Following the introduction of the System at Swallowfield, Spanish Town Road will next be on the radar; it will be followed by Spanish Town, St. Ann’s Bay and Mandeville in that order,” the Minister told the audience. 

Continuing, Minister Henry said, “the improvement of depots across the island will continue with the plants in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland and Falmouth, Trelawny and is part of the wider multi-modal transport system that I am championing.”

Also speaking at the ceremony was Director of the Island Traffic Authority, Ludlow Powell who outlined some of the special features such as facilities for the disabled community which the new depot will boast. He said that he was extremely happy to be overseeing the upgrade of the various depots across the island as he wanted his employees to work in an environment which is conducive to the production of good quality work.

Also hailing the plans to construct the facility were the Custos of Clarendon, Mr. William Shagoury and Mayor of May Pen, Mr. Winsotn Maragh, both of whom said the facility was well needed as what existed was not in keeping with the standard of a growing town such as May Pen.

Ms. E Hayden who represented Dr. Fritz Pinnock of the Caribbean Maritime Institute added that the CMI was pleased to be associated with the construction of the Depot. The CMI will be actually involved in the building of the facility as the Institution possesses the requisite skills in the delivery of containerized building solutions, both as a user those as classrooms on their main campus as well as providing such solutions to others. Engagement of the CMI will also allow for the training of students since they will be used to aid in the delivery of the Project.