There is value in diversity; maintain your integrity and embrace a culture of teamwork. That was the message passed on to staff members by former UTECH Lecturer, Mrs. Patricia Eaves McKenzie at the Ministry of Transport and Mining’s Reward and Recognition Ceremony held at the Ministry recently.


In a wide ranging and motivational address, Mrs. Eaves McKenzie told the enthusiastic audience that a lot was expected of them in their given spheres of endeavours. To this end, she said, “ you need to communicate, collaborate, embrace information technology and be globally aware.” In describing the awardees as ‘nation builders’, the guest speaker encouraged them to be critical of things that needed to be improved and being change agents for the greater good of their environment.


Transport and Mining Minister Hon. Lester ‘Mike’ Henry told the audience that he was very pleased with the work of the employees in assisting the Ministry to achieve its objectives. He noted that ‘positive and smart work’ was expected from everyone and that he was willing to provide his support as long as that was achieved. He congratulated the employees who received awards and sought their commitment in helping to make Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business.           


The ceremony which was held to pay tribute to staff members who had performed well in their jobs throughout the year saw persons getting awards in three categories – ‘excellent’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘high’ achievement. It was held under the theme, “Making the Difference - Saluting Excellence” and saw employees who received 80% and upwards on their Performance Appraisal Report being recognised., Some two hundred and sixteen employees were recognized with two – Clive McDonald and Gavin Pryce both of the Island Traffic Authority walking away with the top awards in the ‘Excellent Category”.