Kenry Jackson, the General Manager of Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company, a subsidiary of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company has died. Mr Jackson died early Saturday morning at the Tony Thwaites Wing of the University Hospital, after a brief but critical illness.

In paying tribute to Mr.Jackson, Transport and Mining Minister, Lester 'Mike' Henry, says he was the ultimate boss, who led his team with vision, passion, compassion and a fixity of purpose.

Minister Henry lauded Mr.Jackson for his ten solid years at the company, indicating that he always respond to the needs of his staff, as his heart moved from inaction to action, from words alone to deeds that back them up.

According to Minister Henry, it was his astute management of the company that sets him apart from his predecessors.He turned it around, made it profitable and sets it on a sound financial footing to be competitive in the retread and new tyre market place.

Minister Henry says he will be missed, as Jamaica has lost a son that has blazed an enviable trail from Munro College in St Elizabeth to City Kingston. The Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company and the JUTC are poorer for his passing.