The Minister of Transport and Mining, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, is now in receipt of the proposed adjustment in toll rates for the North South Highway, which is to become effective on September 9, 2017.

According to Minister Henry, he has received the final application from the Operators of the Toll Road and under the Concession Agreement he is obliged to consider it, even as he seeks dialogue with them. He has written to the Operators requesting a meeting to begin dialogue as soon as possible.
Minister Henry says it is important that the current state of the economy be taken into consideration, if the operations of the toll road are to be sustainable.
However, he is quick to point out that the operators are well with their rights to seek the level of increases outlined in their application and they are aware that the risk of any fall out in its utilization by motorists, is totally theirs and not that of the Jamaican taxpayers.

Under the proposed new rates, operators of Class 1 vehicles from Caymanas to Mamee Bay, could face a 17% increase, Class 2 Operators 17 %, Class 3 Operators 16 % and Class 4 Operators 19% for the same leg. The average percentage proposed adjustment will be 17. 6 % while the highest percentage adjustment will be 31 % for Class 4 vehicles travelling from Caymanas to Angels. The lowest proposed adjustment will be 14 % for Class 1 vehicles travelling from Caymans to Angels and Class 4 vehicles travelling from Angels to Linstead and vice versa.

Details of the proposed adjustments will be published in the local newspapers tomorrow and the public has 5 days to respond. In the meantime Minister Henry says the government will not renege from its responsibility to ensure that the alternative routes are maintained to highest acceptable standard and in that regard his ministry will be working closely with the NWA

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