Motorists using the Jamaica North South Highway have been granted a reprieve on the proposed increased Toll Rates that were scheduled to take effect on
Saturday September 9, 2017.

This, from Transport and Mining Minister, Lester Mike Henry. According to Minister Henry, he met with the Operators of the North South Highway and initiated discussions surrounding the decision to hike the Toll Rates to the maximum level in keeping with the provisions of the Concession Agreement.
Minister Henry pointed out at that time that while it is important that the investors recoup their investment over time, it was also very important that motorists can afford to use the highway. He said the proposed increase would not find favour with many motorists and the risk of losing customers would be one squarely on the shoulders of the operators.

However, on Tuesday afternoon, Minister Henry revealed that the his intervention has borne fruit, as the Board of Management of Jamaica North South Highway in China has agreed to withhold the increase for the rest of this year. Instead some rates will be rounded up or down to the nearest 50 or 100 dollars. This means that some motorists will pay less. For example, motorists using the Caymanas to Angels Leg were faced with an increase when the figures were last rounded, due to a coin shortage. However, this time around those motorists will actually pay less.

Minister Henry, says this is welcome news and he is happy that the operators of the highway are sensitive to the cries of the motorists and are prepared to do everything to make the use of the highway viable for everyone