The National Transport Policy

This policy covers all aspects of transport in Jamaica, that is: air, water, roads and railways; infrastructure and services. It identifies the issues faced by the Government in the development of this very important sector. It addresses the roles of Government, the private sector and the numerous authorities operating in the sector. It identifies the changes necessary in the regulatory structure and it also deals with the environment and safety. Read

The National Road Safety Policy

A National Road Safety Policy is a critical initiative in efforts to elevate road safety issues to a position of high priority on the national agenda. It provides the basis for working towards attaining the vision of a safe traffic environment. It will also assist in guiding and coordinating the actions of the relevant ministries and organisations toward the rational use of scarce resources and reducing duplication of effort. The policy provides the basis for the process of accountability, evaluation and research which can dictate the need for resetting objectives for the enhancement of programme impact. Finally, it creates the framework for the undertaking of corrective programme interventions and will facilitate steps to access funding. Read

Traffic Control Devices Manual

The Traffic Control Devices Manual is intended for use by persons involved in the planning and design of road signs and markings on roads in Jamaica. It will also be useful to those involved in the implementation (installation and maintenance) of plans. Persons using this Manual are expected to already have a basic knowledge about the use of road signs and markings to provide appropriate information to drivers. Read