Educating Adults on Road Safety
We make it a priority to pass on road safety information for safety of our fellow brothers and sisters.
Road Safety Presentation
Dream Weekend
Clarendon Seafood Festival 2017
St. Catherine High School Expo
Road Safety March for Child Safety
NWA Back To School Fair 2015
Hamptons High Career Day
Flow Skool Aid 2015
Road Safety Presentations in Primary Schools
An essential role/responsibilty of the Unit is to inform our children about road safety
G.I.S Day
Heelz and Wheelz

Road Safety Messages:

As Chairman of the National Road Safety Council; I am determined to make our roads even safer for our people, particularly our children and other vulnerable road users. As such, the Government is relentlessly pursuing efforts to improve traffic management and road safety in partnership with road safety stakeholders and corporate Jamaica.
The Most Hon. Andrew Michael Holness - Prime Minister
As Minister responsible for Road Safety, I appeal to everyone to do his/her part in making our road safety culture, one that can be the envy of the world.
Minister of Transport and Mining - Lester 'Mike' Henry
I implore everyone; make road safety a part of your daily lives, reduce cell phone use on the road, wear safety gears while riding a motor cycle, use your seat belt, be alert and practice defensive driving. Walk, ride, drive with care. Be your brother’s keeper; think not only of yourself but of others the life you save might just be your own.
Mikael Phillips - Opposition Spokesman on Transport and Mining
We are urging motorists and their passengers to wear seat belts and helmets, in order to minimize the degree of injuries from collisions.
Director of Road Safety Unit - Kenute Hare.

The Road Safety Unit promotes and foster an orderly and disciplined traffic culture that is conducive to the development of a safe traffic environment, through the conceptualisation, design and dissemination of a sustained programme of public information, education in schools, legislation, accident information and research.



Accident Information and Research

The Unit secures and analyzes accident data collected by the policy. The analysis pulls on how, when and where traffic accidents occur as well as who is involved. Research programmes are advanced to determine demographics and psycho-social behaviour of road users as well as, to inform campaigns, policy, law enforcement, engineering and other corrective measures. Research programmes are also executed to determine the effectiveness of measures implemented.




The Road Safety Unit influences the amendments and revision of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations through its membership on the Road Traffic Legislation Revision Committee instituted within the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works. As a prominent advocate of and stake holder in, road safety, the Unit chairs special sub-committees established to consider specific legislations or regulatory frameworks air marked for evaluation and revision, and makes necessary recommendations to the committee. The Unit constituted the secretariat of the committee mandated to prepare a Green Paper to facilitate the drafting of the Protective Devices legislation of 1999.




Education in Schools

The Road Safety Unit visits schools across the island. The target group for presentations are children grades 1- 6, 6 to 12 years old. These presentations cover pedestrian safety and relate briefly to how to be safe motorists and passengers. In 2002 the Swedish government again partnered with the Unit to develop road safety text books to be used in schools. These books were published and distributed to children in grades 2-3 in Primary Schools Island wide. The texts are to be reviewed by the Ministry of Education which has incorporated Road Safety Education in the schools’ syllabus.




Public Information

The Unit engages in several activities throughout the year, designed to educated and inform the general public about road safety issues:-

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